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Part 4: Today - Framing


Our liberal movement is underway and we see how it is changing the mainstream. Our liberal movement is finding its voice, and as it does, we are expressing our values in our frames. We are changing the conversation.

We are changing the conversation by strengthening our frames. And as we change the conversation, the mainstream – the public view of what ideas are acceptable – is moving toward the liberal end of the spectrum. To the left. This is the significance of our Liberal Movement.

This is the significance of political framing.


But what IS “framing”? Let’s do an exercise:

Don’t think of an elephant

Of course, you are now thinking of … an elephant, right?

George Lakoff’s 2006 book ‘Don’t Think of an Elephant’ taught us that frames are ideas burned into your brain. They are images and thoughts that are triggered when you hear certain words. Republicans knew this and exploited this long ago. Liberals are doing this now.

Framing is a verb. It means controlling how others receive and understand your message. It means using words that trigger frames so that your audience hears what you want them to hear. Framing introduces our ideas so that our messages stick.


This is the concluding Part 4 of a 4-part series. Read the whole series here:



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