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An American Idea

Middle-Out is a people-centered idea that prioritizes working and middle class. It is based on a tax structure where everyone pays their fair share. Middle-Out welcomes all and includes all so that prosperity is shared. It's an American idea that a good government protects people by setting economic guardrails.

In contrast to this idea of inclusion and fairness is the failed economic experiment of the past 40 years referred to as Trickle-Down economics. Decades of corporate favoritism and deregulations brought us to a place where average Americans are economically powerless, and a few ultra-rich oligarchs enjoy great wealth at the expense of working people barely making ends meet.

The founders of the American idea were very concerned about concentrated wealth. They understood that both cooperation and competition are necessary for Americans to prosper. Middle-Out is based on the original thinking of a country where shared prosperity is available to working people, and the market works for the common good.

Middle-Out economics strives for an American Idea that allows everyone, no matter your family wealth or community status, to participate in economic growth.

Talking about Middle-Out as an American idea is important to drive a narrative of fairness and inclusion:

  • Middle-Out is an American idea built on fairness.

  • Middle-Out means economic and political equality.

  • Market demand belongs to regular people and should not be controlled by a few ultra-rich players

  • Middle-Out supports the working and middle classes, which strengthens our democracy.

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