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Part 3: Comparing Strategies - The Overton Window


And we’ll continue to move forward because we’re not stuck like the other guys are. Ours is a movement that welcomes diversity, welcomes change. It’s how we grow from our roots – our liberal values. If you share our values, you’re welcome to be part of our movement.

Not so on the other side. The Conservative takeover, a top-down, get-in-line, follow-the-leader takeover, is rooted in fealty, loyalty. You can join their club only if you adopt the values they have pronounced from on high. And if you don’t – there’s no place for you. Just ask Bill Milliken. Just ask Justin Amash. They criticized the direction of their Republican Party and the party threw them out.


How did the American public come to buy into this conservative story? Here’s what happened

We know about the political spectrum – conservative in red on the right, liberal in blue on the left. The box in the middle signifies the mainstream, space where public opinion decides what ideas are acceptable. Public attitudes about government didn’t match conservative ideas about limited government. But conservatives didn’t give up. Instead, they doubled down. They preached even more radical right ideas, using their media network, and when they did, the mainstream moved further to the right, expanding the Republican reach and cementing the conservative takeover.

That was then … but now it’s our time...

Learn more about the Overton Window in this video.


This is Part 3 of a 4-part series. Read the whole series here:



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