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Economic Freedom

Middle-Out is an American Idea that frees workers from economic anxiety. It organizes the market so that the working class is rewarded.

We know that the Trickle-Down lie deregulated big business and reduced protections for people and the planet. We are living through the disastrous effects of this policy.

The question we must ask ourselves is: Are we striving to be free FROM something or free TO do something? Middle-Out is a practice that brings freedom for Americans TO participate in a fair economic system that brings forth the opportunity to engage in the American idea of shared prosperity. Middle-Out is central to economic freedom.

Economy, democracy, and freedom are intertwined, and these concepts are part of the American Idea that started with a group of thinkers over 200 years ago. To have a healthy democracy, we need to acknowledge that we need each other and that our economy is dependent upon the health of our democracy.

Talking about Middle-Out brings hope to the next generation:

  • Workers should be free from economic anxiety - a living wage.

  • Food and housing insecurity is a consequence of Trickle-Down policies.

  • Middle-Out puts purchase power into the hands of working people.

  • Middle-Out invests in people, so we have the freedom to thrive - without economic anxiety.

Want to learn more about Middle-Out? Check out Economics, Democracy, and Freedom: It’s All One Argument, Michael Tomasky, The New Republic, September 6, 2022

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