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Want to learn about liberal message framing? Check out these videos. They include examples of images and language crafted around our liberal values.


Liberal Leadership Leagues works to direct the conversation towards our liberal values. We offer training, workshops, and consulting in everything from the basics of framing to fine-tuning messages.

For more Liberal Leadership League videos, visit us on YouTube.

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Democracy Endgame?
Not If We Join Together!

Professor Ian Haney López joined us to talk about the Race-Class Fusion Politics. Over 700 people registered to learn from Professor Haney López.

A joint presentation of Liberal Leadership League, Inc. and the Washtenaw County Democratic Party.

Recorded February 10, 2022


Exposing the Framing Secrets of the Right

(and How Liberals Are Fighting Back)

The conservative takeover of ideas (frames) began 60 years ago with the creation of the John Birch Society. That’s when conservatives began framing ideas about limiting government, dismantling unions, and dismissing science.

Lisa DiRado tells us how liberals are grabbing the narrative by framing the conversation based on empathy, protection, responsibility, and community.


Framing in Action
The Liberal Leadership League

Michelle Pallas tells the story of Liberal Leadership League's origins and contributions to the dialogue.


Michelle is interviewed by George Greene of Connections Lab in August, 2021.

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