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Straight Ticket Party Voting

Back by popular demand - "Straight Ticket" voting. Michigan lawmakers took it away, but the voters put "Straight Ticket" voting back in by an overwhelming margin in 2018.

"Straight Ticket" voting means one mark on your ballot for your party will cast votes for every candidate of that party in every partisan race.

With a "Straight Ticket" vote, you can vote for all of your party's candidates, quickly and conveniently.

Things to Know about "Straight Ticket" Voting

  • A "Straight Ticket" vote DOES NOT affect NONPARTISAN races. You must vote for your candidate in a nonpartisan race or for/against any proposals. Nonpartisan races include judges and State Supreme Court justices, school boards, and some other local races. They are listed in the "Nonpartisan Section" of your ballot. Look for the Nonpartisan Section and vote for your nonpartisan candidates.

  • A "Straight Ticket" vote casts a vote for every PARTISAN race if your chosen party has a candidate in that race. That's a safe way to make sure all your "down-ballot" candidates get your vote.

  • You can, if you want to, still vote for individual partisan candidates (from any party), even if you have made a "Straight Ticket" vote on your ballot.

Use the "Straight Ticket" voting option to show your support for your political party.

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