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What is a Democratic Precinct Delegate?

In Michigan, Tuesday, May 3, 2022, is the last day to register to be on the ballot as a precinct delegate. Miss the deadline – don’t worry. You can still run for precinct delegate as a write-in candidate.

Here is a handbook with all the information you need to be a Democratic Precinct Delegate in Michigan.

Precinct delegates are elected officials of the Democratic Party who represent the neighborhoods where they live. Your name will be on the Aug 2, 2022, ballot. You will know if you win your election shortly after polls close at 8p. It's very exciting!

In your new role as an elected Democratic Precinct Delegate, neighbors see you as a community leader. You can stop by your neighbors and inform them of elections, voting rights and candidates. This is a time to listen to people and hear their concerns. You both will share ideas and dreams for a better tomorrow. You will become part of a network of like-minded delegates who are called upon to help with campaigning and winning elections. Delegates are the voter's primary resource for information about local and midterm elections. They make a huge difference, especially in underserved neighborhoods.

So, why not run for something? Bring civility to the political conversation. It's fun! Check out the handbook to find out how you can make a difference by becoming a Democratic Precinct Delegate.


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