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Dear Republicans

Dear Republican lawmakers and supporters of insurrectionists,

I hear you.

I get why you fear women. Your status of supreme master is under attack. You are becoming invisible.

I get why you are angry. You are stuck in the anger phase of the grieving process. You are resisting social changes that level the playing field; meaning society will judge you by the value you bring instead of the wealth you take.

I get why you are confused. Without power OVER people of a lower caste, your power dissolves and lifelong behaviors are challenged as unacceptable. You are unsure of where the line is, and it seems to be pushing harder on you every day.

I get why you turn to violence. Your caste failed to teach you negotiation, cooperation, and empathy. Your brotherhood pushed you to wage war on any, and all, threats to your way of life. It’s all you know.

Ladies and Gentlemen, put down your weapons, open your hearts. Listen. Watch. Learn resilience from the caste of Americans who know how to survive while invisible. Learn collaboration from your fellow men and women, many who have experienced the communal strength of power WITH people. Join them and us on this journey of imagination.

Pull yourself up by your proverbial bootstraps and negotiate your place in a new and exciting American chapter. Pull up a chair. Bring the good in you. Do not be left behind. Join Americans who are creating a new version of democracy in the digital age.

It’s up to you to decide if you will be a participant or spectator. There is no turning back.

Yours truly,


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