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Justice Can’t Wait

Michigan is the testing ground for Putin-backed MAGA Republicans. It has been ever since 4/30/20, when armed militia men showed how easy it was to disrupt lawmaking in Lansing. Michigan Republicans welcomed the disturbance while lawmakers sat like ducks in a shooting gallery. We came to find out that storming our Capitol building was a dress rehearsal for the Jan. 6 insurrection.

When 16 Michigan officials dressed up as fake electors, Michigan’s Attorney General did what the justice system is meant to do: hold them accountable. Yes, democracy is working in Michigan. Not so at the Federal level. Unfortunately, we see the delay game being played out in courts across the country. The judicial branch of the government is meant to interpret the law of the land – our constitution. The judicial system is the enforcer of our right to a speedy trial. It owns “law and order”. Apparently, in America, some people ARE above the law. We know this because we watch courts shield Trump by facilitating delays and detours on the road to accountability.

MAGA Justices are using the trump delay card themselves, hoping Americans are distracted. “There’s nothing to see here.” But we know better. We made Michigan’s democracy strong by affirming reproductive freedoms in our constitution, making laws that protect all peoples, and electing administrators who care about fair and secure elections.

#JusticeCantWait – NO SUMMER VACATION for SCOTUS. Take action now!


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