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Crime Talk – An American Story

How should we talk about the indictment of former President Trump? Talk about what’s important to our democracy and our freedoms:

  • The reality is that many MAGA co-conspirators remain in power.

  • Even a former MAGA president gets his day in court. It's the American way.

  • Accountability is on behalf of the American people. All the people. All the zip codes. All Americans. Justice for All.

  • Jury duty is a uniquely American experience. Responsibility. Fairness. Empowerment.

  • Distraction tactics are everything that makes you look away. Focus. Americans deserve the truth.

  • MAGA Republicans are motivated by power and wealth. Justice balances the strength of every American's voice.

  • Who will write the MAGA story? Voters will. Voters will close the chapter on MAGA Republicans who threaten freedoms.

We know that no one is above the law – even a former President.


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