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What it means to be a Democrat

Guest commentary by Christine Greig


People, Opportunity, Equity and Justice – this is what comes to mind when I think of why I’m a Democrat.

Democrats have always stood up for people regardless of race, religion, gender, age, ability, money or zip code. We care deeply about the future too. And to have a strong future, you must have a present that acknowledges past wrongs and leads change for a better future.

It’s not easy breaking down structural racism, social injustice, opportunity inequities and climate change. But if we do not act now, future opportunities will be limited for our kids and communities. If we work together to address these foundational failings, there’s no stopping us from healing divides, strengthening public education and growing the economy.

We must preserve the promise of our democracy – where everyone’s worth is equal and civility, dignity and respect are shared core values. Democrats embrace and work toward these goals.

photo of Christine Greig

Christine Greig is the Democratic Leader in the Michigan State House of Representatives and represents Michigan's 37th House District (Farmington and Farmington Hills).

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