Basic Framing 101 - Workshop

Basic Framing 101 - Workshop takes a step-by-step approach to reframing a message by having teams drop conservative language and frame the message based on values. All workshops are virtual, instructor-led.
UPCOMING COURSES - contact us at for information on Basic Framing 101.

Basic Framing 102 - Practicum

Basic Framing 102 is a highly interactive, digital session that builds on the knowledge gained in Basic Framing 101. All courses are virtual, instructor-led UPCOMING CLASSES (Invitation to register sent upon completion of Basic Framing 101) Check back for upcoming classes.

Exposing Framing Secrets of the Right Presentation

This presentation will provide the history of political framing and our solution – the LEAF Method - to analyze a message and re-frame it using liberal values. This is a free virtual, insturctor led or in person presentation. This presentation is available in person in Southeast Michigan or in other parts of the State in conjunction with Basic Framing 101 workshops. To schedule a virtual presentation for your group or to schedule an in person presentation contact us at

Joy of Framing - Community of Practice

Joy of Framing - Community of Practice is a Slack collaborative space moderated by a facilitator who guides participants through the use of the LEAF method addressing a new issue each week. Free to any graduates of BF 101 and BF 102.

The Art of Framing Lab

The Art of Framing Lab is a customized, facilitated work session, specifically based on the LEAF Method, which guides campaigns and advocacy groups in how to frame their narrative.

Contact us at to schedule or for more information.

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