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Vote or Die

Pivotal moments, crucial conversations, and your legacy

Where were you in 2020? What life changes were forced upon you? Did you choose your future?

What choices did you make about your participation in a global pandemic? I’ll never again think of masks as hospital supplies – I carry a mask with me everywhere I go to protect strangers and loved ones.

Who are you talking to about systemic racism? Are you educating yourself? Are you having crucial conversations, that are sometimes difficult? Where do you start? How many times will you watch the murders of unarmed black men and women before you are called to action?  I’m not sure what my role will be in the fight for humanity, but I’m forever changed. Time stood still and sadness pierced my heart – who are we? Our community secrets are laid bare because for so long we chose to ignore our sins of society.

How will we be remembered? What will they say about America next year, in five years? What will they say about you? I’ll never again expect others to think for me, represent me, or pretend to care about me.

The pandemic, the social justice movement, and the global spotlight make 2020 a historic experience.

Don’t let this moment fade, don’t quiet the conversations, don’t let ‘them’ define your future.

Vote like your life depends on it. It does.



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