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Too Many Statistics BAD: 200M Shots GOOD

Remember: Don’t use too many facts. Avoid detailed numbers or statistics.

Why? There are many reasons memes like this don’t work: Americans don’t like math, statistics make people feel stupid, it put’s everything people hate in one place, it prevents people from reading and understanding the message.

Our liberal values are lost in the post. Where is the ‘brownie’ – the vision? Policy doesn't sell. Voters don't care about the ‘recipe’. Anat Shenker-Osorio reminds us, ‘Stop taking your policy out in public. Your message should be what your policy will deliver."

Great leaders are merchants of hope. President Biden’s simple message about 100m or 200m Shots in 100 Days shows us what Democrats will deliver to end the pandemic. It’s visionary and simple. It shows us a way out of the COVID crisis. The numbers are easy to understand and remember.

Message framing is telling our story, so people remember it and share it. We don't need detailed facts and statistics to tell the story of our liberal values. We own the frame when we express how we care about each other and we are telling a story that shows how good government can make all our lives better.

Instead of talking about per-student metrics, school districts, academics, and enrichment programs, let's all talk about what these investments mean to real humans.


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