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Teacher Without a Heart

CaRONAvirus is the teacher without a heart. Before the COVID19 took hold of our lives, some of us took our children's education for granted. Then, without discrimination, "Rona" put our learning system on life support.

Thank you "Rona" for laying bare the complexities of educating a child. And for showing us the professionalism, and true grit, that enables teachers to survive each and every day. Teachers understand the psyche of a child. They know that social time is team time, physical exercise is mental health, quiet reading is reflective. They know what they are doing and somehow they are able to provide a safe learning opportunity that is unique to every little human we hand over to them.

As we figure out the new ways of educating, let's not forget that a virtual classroom is not available to every child. That a 'school environment' at home is a privilege. Let's expect our lawmakers to invest in a educational system for everyone, a fair opportunity for learning. The government is us, let's build a world-class education system for our future.


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