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Middle-Out versus Trickle Down

We are in a new era – an economy from the Middle-Out, where investments in a majority of Americans result in prosperity for all of us, whatever your race or class. For the last 40 years, the right supported Trickle Down, peddling that transferring wealth from working people to corporations and the wealthiest few would grow the economy.

The results are in. Trickle-Down was a lie that made a few people rich while exploiting women, minorities, and the politically powerless.

Middle-Out is today’s economics. This four-part series explains how to talk about it. Together we are saving our democracy and creating an economy where every race and class can thrive.

Middle-Out Blog Series:

  • Part 1: Middle-Out versus Trickle Down

  • Part 2: Healthy democracy

  • Part 3: An American Idea

  • Part 4: Economic Freedom

Talk about these to drive the narrative:

  • We are in a new Middle-Out era, ending Trickle Down.

  • Middle-Out is a people-centered American idea that provides economic freedom for us all.

  • Trickle Down is a failed economic theory that puts money into the hands of a few.

For more information, check out ‘Winning Middle-Out Era’, by Nick Hanauer

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