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Michigan, you can vote TODAY!

Last day to vote in the 2020 general election is November 3rd. But, you don't have to wait, you can vote today. Vote in-person using the absentee voting process.


  1. Preview your ballot at and learn about the candidates at (from the League of Women Voters)

  2. When you're ready to vote, go to your local clerk's office during posted business hours.

  3. Ask the clerk for an absentee voting application and ballot.

  4. Complete the application, sign it, and hand it back to the clerk.

  5. The clerk will verify your application and then hand you a ballot.

  6. The clerk will direct you to a nearby desk, room, or booth that is set up for your privacy while voting.

  7. Complete the ballot and seal it properly in the absentee ballot return envelope. Sign the envelope.

  8. Return to the clerk's desk and hand the ballot in.

  9. Collect your "I VOTED TODAY!" sticker and wear it proudly.


Of course, first, check with your local clerk to find out what their hours are and what provisions they've made for in-person absentee voting. You can find your local clerk's office phone number, hours, and location at

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