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Michigan Primary Election Month - coming soon!

The Primary Election is almost here in Michigan. Are you ready to be a voter?

Tuesday, August 4, 2020, is the final day for casting your ballot in the Michigan Primary Election. August 4th is the final day of ELECTION MONTH. It’s the finish line for some and the start of the final lap for those who succeed in the Primary.

Right now, you can let your local clerk know that you would like to vote from home. Your clerk will send you a ballot in the mail in late June (in the next week or so). Once you get your ballot, you’ll have until August 4th - more than a month - to look over your options, make your choices, complete the ballot and return it to the clerk.

More than a month to finish voting - the Michigan Primary ELECTION MONTH.

Since it’s nearly time to vote, let’s talk about Michigan’s Primary Election - because it’s a little different in some very important ways.


The Primary Election is a PARTY election. That means each political party (there are 2 big ones on the ballot) is picking their candidates for the General Election in November.

When you vote in the Primary Election, you first pick a political party to vote for. Your choices are two - the Democratic Party or the Republican Party.

In Michigan, your ballot contains a PARTISAN SECTION with both Democratic and Republican Party candidates. HOWEVER, YOU CAN ONLY VOTE FOR ONE PARTY! If you vote for Democratic Party candidates, you must not vote for any Republican Party candidates. If you vote for Republican Party candidates, you must not vote for any Democratic Party candidates.

STAY IN YOUR LANE! If you vote across party lines in a Primary Election, your ballot will be rejected and your vote won't count.

The PARTISAN SECTION (left) and the NONPARTISAN SECTION (right) of a typical Primary Election ballot.

The ballot also contains a NONPARTISAN SECTION. This shows candidates for nonpartisan offices, such as Judges, as well as ballot proposals, such as millage increases. All voters are permitted to vote in the NONPARTISAN SECTION for any nonpartisan offices or proposals.


It's a little confusing, so take your time. Get your ballot now so you can vote from home during ELECTION MONTH.


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