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MAGA Repubs=Chaos. Dems=Good Government

Exposing Framing Secrets of the Right (, the League’s course in conservative framing, highlights the conservative takeover of the Republican Party that created the anti-government, MAGA Republican party we see today. Conservatives worked to destroy our political process for over 60 years. Whether it’s the U.S. House election for Speaker or Trump’s attempt to prevent the democratic transfer of power, MAGA Republicans are determined to undermine government.

The League’s 12-28-21 blog highlight’s a perfect example - Grover Norquist’s 2001 plan to ‘…cut government in half in twenty-five years, to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub’ ( American democracy is drowning. The 2022 election showed that Democrats, Independents, and ‘grown-up’ Republicans joined together to save American democracy.

In contrast to the anti-government actions by extremists, liberals and moderates know good government makes people’s lives better. Michigan Governor Whitmer is a great example – fixing the roads and working with Democrats and Republicans so government functions for the people. She has demonstrated that she seeks to work with any elected official dedicated to helping Michiganders. As the House voted for Speaker in Washington DC, President Biden, along with Democrats and Republicans, visited the Ohio/Kentucky bridge to announce much-needed structural repairs.

Our liberal narrative is robust:

  • Liberals believe government makes people’s lives better

  • Conservatives want to dismantle government and prove democracy doesn’t work

  • Liberals work with other liberals and moderates, so government works for the American people

  • Liberals are the proven American leaders we need in these difficult times

  • Liberals aren't afraid of compromise. We need it for government to work.

Don’t buy into the narrative that Democrats must help Republicans save themselves by supporting a moderate Republican speaker. Democrat Hakeem Jeffries had a plurality in every vote. For the good of the country, moderate Republicans can join Democrats to elect Hakeem Jeffries.

Liberals join across race and class to build a government that works for all people. Liberals are for freedoms, opportunity, and justice. We are Americans, no matter your political identity. Join the grassroots movement for good government, freedoms, and human rights.

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