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Join The Club - Everybody Votes

Join an exclusive club - the Michigan Registered Voters Club.

Almost 8 million Michiganders have superpowers - because they registered to vote! Do you have their superpower? Are you part of the club?

Here's how to register or check your registration in Michigan:

  1. Visit the Michigan Election page at

  2. Enter your name, birthdate, and Zip code and click on "Search by Name"

  3. If you're already registered, you can:

    1. Preview your ballot

    2. Check the status of your Absentee Ballot

    3. Learn where your polling place is and what voting districts you're in

  4. Not registered? You can register ONLINE, BY MAIL, or IN PERSON.

    1. ONLINE: If you already have a Michigan ID or driver's license, click on "Register To Vote"

    2. BY MAIL / IN PERSON: Download the application and complete it, then mail or deliver it to your local clerk

Everybody Votes. Join the club. Be a Voter.

For additional help in registering, check the video on the Michigan Voting page.



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