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How do we disarm ‘defund the police’ Dog Whistle? Part I: A multi-racial majority

The horror of watching the murder of George Floyd by a police officer gave us Black Lives Matter demonstrations that united people of every race and class. These were led by Black activists, with White and Brown people joining together in a show of solidarity. We saw what a multi-racial America looks like. Together we called for the end of police violence against Black men and women and other people of color.

Some activists called out the bigotry of the murder. They saw the scarcity in their neighborhoods and asked that some police funding be used for the social needs in their communities. They requested resources from bloated police budgets, and ‘defund the police’ was born. Police funding is local, so their requests on local spending decisions are democracy in action. We should all scrutinize the way funds are allocated in our local governments.

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