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#FreedomToVote through the For the People Act (S1 & H.R.1)

Who cares about the Filibuster? It's a confusing term, ugly word and simply put it's a means to an end.

Who cares about making sure Americans have the #FreedomToVote? Americans who want to vote. State legislatures are doing everything they can to suppress the right to vote. Successful messaging creates an image in our brains. It's the connection point that invokes emotion. Can you imagine Americans all having the right to vote? Does it make you feel good or maybe proud to be an American? Pressuring Senators to pass the For the People Act and ensure people have #FreedomeToVote will force a change to the Filibuster. Freedom is a value that is hard to argue. It brings a story to mind and it's a positive narrative.

Drop talking about the Filibuster. It sounds like a political power play.

Amplify For the People Act (S1 & H.R.1) and demand that all Americans have the #FreedomToVote


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