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Thank you!

The Michigan Primary Election is now behind us (well, most of us anyway). And our attention is turned now to the sprint to the finish - the General Election in November.

Before we say goodbye to the Primary, take a moment to thank all of the workers, paid and volunteer, who kept the ballots secure and ready to count, who put up the booths and measured out the space needed, who organized the laptops and verified the registry, who matched up the signatures and tested the equipment, who sanitized everything again and again (and again), who signed up for 12-hour shifts, who filled in empty work slots at the last minute, who picked up the mail from the post office.

And let's also take a moment to thank all of those who put their names on the ballots, who listened when a friend said "You should run for something" and thought "I should. Why not me?". Many of these people are now beginning the sprint to November, and many others are folding up their signs and posters and thinking "Maybe next time." Thank you all.

These are the people who believe in democracy - who believe enough to give it their time, give it their money, give it their all. We are in your debt.

From a grateful people.


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