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Election Day is Democracy Day

Election Messaging Guidance

Voters know that Michigan elections are safe and secure and that we have the power to pick our leaders. Informed citizens are democracy’s best defense and this election message guidance is a reminder to celebrate free and fair elections that include all of us.

  • REPORT Misinformation and Intimidation.

If you see misinformation in the press or on social media, DO NOT RESPOND OR REPLY. Replying to a post on social media only amplifies the lie. Instead REPORT IT. In Michigan, call 866-687-8683 or email Voter intimidation is a crime.

  • Be PATIENT with election results.

Election workers need time to tally results. It’s a process being conducted by dedicated citizens, members of our families. Let’s honor them. Do not tolerate attacks on election workers or the counting process.

  • Refer only to RELIABLE sources.

Real-time election results, by county, are the single source of truth in Michigan. A candidate does not decide who wins. Only the voters decide. Ask for a source of information when someone declares a result to be confident in the information.

It’s up to all of us to defend democratic principles by resisting the normalization of contested elections. If we give in to the lies of election overthrowers, we become a nation ruled by the elite. Voters would no longer pick leaders. We know that when we come together, we win. This election is not about winners and losers. This election is about a choice between democracy and fascism.

For the sake of democracy, report the lies, be patient with results and trust only reliable sources. We can do this!


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