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We celebrate election workers. They are the heroes of democracy. We must be patient and let them do their job.

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Whatever race or class, Michigander’s care about each other. But some politicians try to divide us in order to

win elections. We won’t let hate win.

Michigan elections are secure, accurate, and fair. Free elections are fundamental to our democracy.  

Liberal Leadership League Blog

Liberal Leadership League, Inc. uses our exclusive LEAF method to change the conversation and create new frames based on liberal values of empathy, protection, empowerment, and community.

By framing the debate, you take charge of the conversation. Whether you are a candidate, advocate, activist, or concerned citizen, you leave with new tools to help you navigate today's political landscape.

Want to grab the narrative, simplify your message, and craft a repeatable victory chant? Join us and we will frame the debate together.


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