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Changing the conversation

in support of our

Liberal Values

Every child in Michigan deserves  to be the best they can be. Education is what gives our children that opportunity.

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Whatever race or class, Michigander’s care about each other. But some politicians try to divide us in order to

win elections. We won’t let hate win.

Michigan elections are secure, accurate, and fair. Free elections are fundamental to our democracy.  

Liberal Leadership League Blog

The “League” subscribes to the Race Class Narrative method of expressing liberal values in a way that explains why you care and what action you expect to take. When using Race Class Narrative, your message clearly calls out anyone standing in the way of your vision.

Being a leader in education means every child in Michigan has the opportunity to be the best they can be through learning opportunities. That’s how Michigan becomes known as the engineering center of the world. When you weave your personal story into the narrative, you are heard. 

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